Hi everyone!

This blog was born with the aim and for the pleasure of sharing thoughts, settings, advices, knowledge, acquaintances, contacts and so on, all with the common thread of photography.
The name plays on the ambiguity between “wander” and “wonder”, we finally chose to wander because it is usually from that that comes wonder…

The dualism is mantained also in the themes of the tales. Wander does not mean you have to travel all around the globe, it is more like a state of mind, a mood with which watching the world is likely to be more accurate and engaging. Wonder could be hidden also behind the corner of your own street or between the sofa and the closet, in the eyes of your cat or in an old man laughing…so just go for it! Find out the elusive wonder that is always around us and grab it with your picture, to let it last forever.

We will post, but also you, wanderer guests, are invited to send your post-proposal to the email thismakesmewonder@gmail.com to have the opportunity to share your own experiences.
Since we are not professional photographers nobody is going to be judge for the shown photo(s), but polite comments or advices, shared emotions, feeling or thoughts aroused from other’s pictures will be gladly accepted.

Here you can find two section: StoryTelling, from 2 to 10 photos with a thread described with a short tale, and Flash, just one photo with title or a brief thought. We chose english language as a default, but you are also allowed to use italian. We also added a third section named Details where we gathered photos of the little world.

At the end either if you arrive here simply for the pleasure of showing and watching or because of something that comes from deep inside, we hope you can find whatever you are looking for...

Alice & Simone